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Kirsten can also be visited at www.kirstensingsjazz.com

Twenty five years ago, cosmetologist Terry Dykshorn watched a group of six young musicians perform at the Top of the Hilton in Sioux City, IA. She liked their music, but thought their aesthetic appeal could be improved. She wrote a quick message on a paper napkin suggesting a professional makeover. The six member band “Aspen” accepted the offer, and with the help of other stylists at Terry’s salon, the band got a new look, and the local newspaper got a great story. Surprisingly, the scene repeated itself recently in Arizona, as the lead singer from Aspen, who now performs as Kirsten Sings Jazz at East Valley venues, again was observed by Terry, who has been a professional haircolorist/stylist in Scottsdale for the past six years.

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Dr. Pam Martin is the President/Founding Executive Director of Homeward Bound. Founded in 1990, Homeward Bound has been assisting homeless and domestic violence families with children as they transition from homelessness to economic independence. Salon Michele Rene with Terry Dykshorn's coordination has been rewarding women that are working the program with salon makeovers. When Pam saw that her families were not only transformed physically by the changes, but also transformed emotionally, she decided maybe it was time to have a makeover herself.

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I just wanted to thank you again for the incredible service I received at
your salon last week and the absolutely beautiful hair color and cut I
walked out of there with! Every day since, I have said to myself, "I can't
believe how easy this is to do in the morning, too!" Wow. . . that's just
the difference between and haircut and an impeccable HAIRSTYLE! And the
color is out of this world! Suffice it to say, you are a very talented and
well-educated woman!

You and Melissa were such a pleasure to be around and I truly enjoyed my day with both of you. See you soon. Thanks again!

Your New Loyal Customer,
Sherri Lynn

Hey there Terry,

My daughter Elizabeth was home this weekend and had some friends over. Her friend, Taylor, told Elizabeth "Wow, Elizabeth, your Mom's hair is so, well,
so 'now'! It really looks awesome!"

Thanks for making me look not just good, but good in the eyes of my
daughter's friends! :)


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