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Personalized Haircuts and Styling
Hair cut blow dry
(consultation always included)
Haircut only
(follow up visits or men's haircut)
Blow dry only $45
Blow dry with iron finish $55
Formal Styling $65 – $120
Virgin (first) full color $105
Retouch color base $80
Full weave highlight $130
Color base with partial highlight $125
Bleach & Toner $135
Glaze $25
Combine Services and save $5 on each service
(example: color base + hcbd= $150.00, combined to save $10)
Permanent Waves
Permanent Relaxing
Short Method anti curl $125 – $195
Thermal Iron Restructuring $600+
Academy pricing (less than half) are available with Terry's apprentice. Haircolor and haircut for $70.00 Tues, Thurs, Sat. at 11:00. Call for an appointment.

Salon Etiquette

  • Please arrive 5 minutes before your scheduled appointment and I’ll do my best to be on time for you.
  • Cell phones: Please use discretion while receiving services.
  • Cancellations: A minimum of 24 HOUR courtesy call is expected. A credit card may be required before making another appointment.
  • I only provide service to nice people.
  • Tipping is not necessary, please refer a friend

Ask Terry

Q:Why don't I look like the picture I bring in when I get my hair cut?

A: Pictures are great for communicating a feeling you are after, but each person's hair needs to be personally designed. The stars look great because their stylist has taken their hair density and texture into consideration. Hair should be an individual statement.

Q: I want to get my hair colored with two different colors i.e. light brown base with heavy blonde highlights. How will this affect my hair?

A: My own hair is colored this way. If the application is done properly and touch ups done without overlapping, it shouldn't be a problem. For maintenance, the highlights may just be done every other or every third color appointment, and the right re-conditioner should be prescribed for the individual.

Q:My last hair stylist fried my hair and it is splitting and breaking off at the ends. What should I do about this?

A: I'm sorry, this happened. If you have tried conditioning treatments, it may be the only answer is to trim off the damage. It may take a few months to restore your hair to its full health, but have faith, with regular treatments and trims, it will come back.

Q: My hair works great on one side but not the other, is it the haircut?

A: It could be the haircut is uneven, but this problem is more likely the result of the natural growth pattern. The entire body is asymmetrical and uneven if you study it. Look at the difference in your eyes, for example. It could also be that you can't style your hair the same on both sides, for instance holding the brush or iron in the same direction on both sides, (unless you are ambidextrous).

Q:Can I color my hair while I am pregnant?

A: Most physicians are saying yes you can color your hair. Some are saying wait till after the first trimester, and some say not more often than every six weeks. I say if you are concerned, switch to a demi-color (non-peroxide) or off the scalp procedure (such as foil weave).

Q:How can the stars change their hair color so drastically and my colorist says it's too damaging.

A: It's not so hard on the hair to go from light to dark, if you are using non-peroxide hair color, however, it may take layers of color to get the color density you are looking for. Going from dark to blonde is hard on the hair and may take several sessions and lots of conditioning to get the desired result.

Q: My hair is dark and I want it blonde, but it always turns orange. Why?

A: It may need to be bleached first to get the desired result. Hair can only be lifted a couple of levels with single process hair coloring to get the pretty hue. Decide if you want a weave or all over color. The less blonde (weave) the less maintenance. More blonde on darker levels equals high maintenance.

Q:I would like to try red, but I am afraid I won't like it. How will I know?

A: The shade and tone depends on your natural color. Let a stylist show you with swatches what shade she can make your hair and that will help you decide. Then the only way you will really know is to try it. It may take more than one visit to get it perfect, but remember, hair color is not permanent and you only live once.

Q:My hair feels so dry from several hair colorings. What type of over the counter conditioner would you recommend to get it back in shape?

A: I have to say that I always recommend professional products first. These scientifically developed shampoos and conditioners are more easily absorbed and the benefits outweigh the cost. To answer the question, I asked others about OTC conditioners and I hear VO5 hot oil treatment will make your hair feel better and add shine.

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