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Terry Dykshorn

Who's Terry

  • Certified Color Specialist
  • Nationally Certified Cosmetologist
  • American Board Certified Haircolorist

They say success is born out of a passion, a need and a desire…and that’s what I'm all about!

My passion is for life-long learning and staying excited in the ever changing industry of hair fashion. What hair will and won’t do…hair textures, thickness and coloring. The need was creating hair styles for my clients that improve their image, are easy to maintain, and make them feel fantastic!

My desire was to be the best at what I do…hair.

As a successful cosmetologist with 30+ years experience, I attribute this success to my innate ability to read my clients. I take the time to know my clients by asking questions about their profession, life style, and listening to their needs and desires. Based upon their answers, I then analyze the quality of their hair for just the right coloring and cut providing a style that blends with their facial and physical body to create the right image for their success.

To become a successful haircolorist and cosmetologist requires a commitment…to my clients…to the profession…and to myself. I continue to participate in advanced classes, hairstyling contests and advanced certifications. I've attended many schools including Bruno’s School in Toronto, Sassoon’s at Los Angeles, Jon English and Aveda in Minneapolis where new technology, techniques, and fashion updates are introduced.

As a prior salon owner for 10 years in Sioux City, Iowa, I have won many regional hairstyling contests. My greatest achievement was winning the 2000 Midwest Master’s Award at the International Cosmetology Expo in Minneapolis. I presented full fashion looks on both female and male models competing against hundreds of other cosmetologists.

I have been actively involved in the National Cosmetologist's Association (NCA) for several years. I was their Iowa State Styles Director for two years. The National Cosmetologist's Association (NCA) is the only professional organization for serious professional cosmetologists. The NCA is the primary force for legislative protection for professionals, philanthropy projects, and events geared toward improving the lives of cosmetologists.

The NCA provides me the opportunity to network with the most respected professionals in our industry. In 1999, I tested for and was one of a few cosmetologists inducted into Hair America; the teaching affiliate of NCA. This test challenged my creative skills as well as my practical skills.

In 2000, I passed the exam to be an American Board Certified Haircolorist (ABCH). The exam was tough and multi faceted. We were assigned preparatory work to bring completed on hair swatches and a specially prepared hair mannequin. There was a written, and an interactive phase, plus a timed hands-on segment.

The American Board of Certified Haircolorists (ABCH) is for cosmetologists who are willing to go the extra mile to set the highest standard for our profession. We, as ABCH, are recognized as the most knowledgeable hair color specialists in America. This certification exam has a fifty percent pass rate and there are only a few ABCH certified cosmetologists in the entire valley.

I am proud to provide my clients with successful hair styles to meet their professional and personal needs.

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